Orbits “Decentralized Finance is the Future”——Dubai Elite Summit discusses liquidity market-making benefits and global expansion

By Cosmo

On April 23rd, Orbits held the Global Elite Leaders Summit in Dubai. Orbits Global Vice President delivered a speech on the theme of “Interpretation of Orbits Liquidity Market Making Benefits”. The presentation explored the liquidity market maker (LP) mechanism of the Orbits decentralized exchange and how this mechanism can bring benefits to users.

In his speech, he pointed out that the liquidity market maker mechanism is one of the core mechanisms of the Orbits decentralized exchange, which provides users with liquidity and trading depth by bringing asset suppliers and demanders together. In Orbits’ liquidity mechanism, users can supply assets to the liquidity pool, or acquire assets from the liquidity pool by consuming their own assets. This mechanism can provide users with high liquidity and transaction depth, and at the same time bring certain benefits to users.

He also introduced how the Orbits liquidity mechanism works. According to market demand and asset price changes, the system will automatically adjust the asset allocation of LP to ensure the balance of asset ratio. This mechanism can not only improve liquidity, but also provide users with certain rewards. While providing liquidity, users can obtain certain transaction fees and protocol tokens as rewards.

Orbits will continue to improve the liquidity income mechanism, explore more liquidity mining strategies, and provide users with more efficient liquidity and a better trading experience.

In the round table forum session of the summit, many experts and scholars conducted in-depth discussions on the topic of decentralized finance, which is the future. They believe that decentralized finance is the trend of the future financial system, and Orbits’ technology and practical experience in this field has received widespread attention and recognition.

At the summit, the CMO of Orbits also gave a keynote speech titled “Orbits Global Expansion and Comprehensive Development”. In the speech, the CMO reviewed the development history of Orbits from its establishment to the present, and described Orbits’ efforts to continuously explore and innovate and promote the process of decentralized transactions, as well as the latest progress of Orbits in global expansion. The CMO pointed out that decentralized transactions are one of the most valuable application scenarios of blockchain technology. Orbits hopes to bring decentralized transactions into more people’s lives by continuously optimizing technology, expanding the ecology, and promoting global cooperation. He also revealed a series of new products and functions that Orbits plans to launch in the near future, including more convenient cross-chain transactions, more efficient liquidity management, more friendly social functions, etc., to meet the growing needs of users.

The Orbits Global Elite Leaders Summit is a grand event full of thought collisions and inspirations. The speeches and exchanges of all the guests left a deep impression on everyone. Orbits will continue to be committed to the innovation and development of the decentralized financial field, continuously promote the improvement of technology and ecology, and bring more secure, transparent and efficient decentralized transaction services to global users.