What do you know about ACH transfers?

What is an ACH transfer?ACH transfers are everywhere. You may be using ACH transfers without realizing it. Direct deposit or online bill payment through a […]


Dexie Offers Stablecoin USDS Trading Pairs

Chia’s decentralized exchange Dexie announced a partnership with stablecoin provider Stably to provide XCH and USDS transactions on the exchange. Use $USDS to access Chia […]



BlockBeats 消息,12 月 16 日,据官方消息,新一代聚合性 Web3 应用平台 ForMetas 与 GameFi Service Provider Cocos-BCX 正式达成战略合作,加入 Cocos-BCX 生态。 用户可以通过 ForMetas 直接参与到 Cocos-BCX 生态之中,同时可以通过$Cocos 支付来玩 ForMetas 上的多款游戏。未来双方就游戏、泛娱乐等多方面将展开更深度的合作,共同推进 Web3 […]


XFORCE Invests in For Metas

The exploration of blockchain by countless people has made the virtual game industry based on blockchain flourish. When it comes to virtual games, the first […]